Close Gaps. Generate leads. Grow.


If you’re doing some marketing now, but it’s yielded few or uneven results, it could be that there are gaps in your marketing that prevent you from getting consistent, meaningful results. Maybe you have a website, but it’s dated, and lacking in search-engine-friendly content. Or you have a great website, but don’t use social media or sponsored advertising to drive traffic (leads) to it. Perhaps you already send newsletters or post in your blog, but it fails to offer readers a clear call-of-action that gets them to engage with you. Or you have a great network online and offline, but don’t know where to start leveraging it for more clients? Or you host events, and would like to turn them into webinars, but have neither the time nor skill-set to get it done?

The truth is, in today’s world, all of the above are required for marketing to actually work. There is no one silver bullet, and most businesses are disappointed with their marketing efforts because they are piecemeal, inconsistent, and not integrated with one another. If you are serious about using marketing to grow your business, picking your battles (i.e. marketing tools), and integrating them (i.e. eliminating gaps) will help you maximize your brand and marketing ROI.

I can help — think of me as your firm's dedicated marketing department that closes the gaps in your marketing.  But without the big overheads of employee salaries and benefits. Or the need for constant supervision.  My goal is to provide only the marketing you need, at prices you can afford. I'll build and integrate the crucial parts of your marketing machine for better lead generation.