Is Audio Content Making A Comeback?

In recent years, podcasts and other audio content have become much more popular. Here are the 4 reasons why I like audio content as a substitute for text on websites:

  1. People retain what they hear better than what they read. Our eyes need a break from the screens!
  2. Your listeners can multi-task or do something relaxing while they listen to your clip.
  3. It's easy to set up - with a good mic, headphones and a user-friendly app, you can create high quality recordings.
  4. There are few things that pique a person's curiosity like the human voice ! 

Is it worth paying a professional reader to narrate your content?  Yes, if you feel that you have neither the time nor voice quality to do so.  You'd want a clear reading voice. A voice with modulation and good diction. And one that doesn't sound monotonous or overly "sale-sy". Also, content counts. So tell it like a story -- perhaps start with a real-life case or client situation (without mentioning names, of course). People love stories, so paint a picture. One that showcases how you've been of service to your clients.

But equipment counts just as much.  This means you'll need:

  • a good external mic (don't rely on the built-in one on your computer - you're not going to get the sound quality you need)

a good recording-editing app that allows for noise reduction and other editing requirements. There are quite a few recording apps which are extremely user-friendly and which offer excellent playback quality. Some of them can be downloaded for free, so try them out

  • headphones that allow you to hear what's being recorded, as it's being recorded

You don't have to provide audio clips on everything, but having a few available can add variety and freshness to your content. In fact, these days, it's almost a given that visitors to your website would expect you to have multimedia available.

So, if you placed an audio file on your website with a "Click to Listen" button, you might be pleasantly surprised by how many people actually do!

. . . . .