Building Your Brand - Trust is Visceral, But You Can Create It

Trust is paramount in a person's decision to work with you.  But how do you even get them to call you for an appointment without having met you? When your main vehicle is what people read about you, the question then becomes: how do you create trust through content? Why would someone engage you as their lawyer of choice when there are other firms who offer the same services?

You talk about what others say about you:

  • Testimonials – work with your best and most loyal clients on what you've done for them that they most appreciate. Use their words.
  • Accolades - don't be shy about listing what you do for your community (e.g. pro bono work, fundraising for a local charity)
  • Useful Content – share usable, intelligent education that is specific and not generalized like so much content these days. Don't be afraid to give good advice that people can start working with. But also remind them that where the law is concerned, there's a reason why there are professional requirements for practitioners. You want to be generous, but also remind your prospects that DIY is just being penny-wise-pound-foolish.

Another thing you can do to build credibility and a solid brand is to host client appreciation events. Don't make it about business, but a simple get-together of your ten best clients. It can be a nice dinner, or a golf outing or a fishing trip. Make it fun, and above all, remember to ask them to bring their significant others or a friend. When well done, such events become something clients look forward to. But remember: marketing is all about doing the same thing with consistency and authenticity. A one-off event isn't going to make much of an impression, and will leave clients wondering why you did it in the first place.

. . . . .