Effective Marketing With Just One Assistant

If you're like most small or medium-sized law firms, you probably have a paralegal or two working for you, plus one administrative assistant and/or an intern. You probably also recognize that you could be under-utilizing your admin assistant or intern when it comes to marketing implementation. The challenge is likely that you haven't got time to train or instruct your marketing person. And even if you did, it's not always easy coming up with a structured process of getting the most out of your staff.

Here's a short overview of what your admin assistant or intern can do for you -- use this to ensure that each week, your firm's doing sufficient lead generation or branding, without undue burden on the rest of your staff whose time is better spent focused on servicing your clients:


  • Set up a marketing calendar and reminders on your assistant calendar - include specific dates on (a) creating new blog posts, (b) posting blog updates on your website and on all your social media sites), (c) following up with new clients re your client cultivation card, (d) refreshing advertising and (3) promoting your monthly workshops or seminars
  • Keep track of marketing costs -- website hosting, printing costs for marketing assets (e.g. brochures), email vendors (unless you are using it gratis from your web host or a free service such as MailChimp), advertising
  • Research new advertising and speaker opportunities - this can be done on a semi-annual basis, depending on when your advertising contracts end. Your marketing person could also research opportunities for your to present or speak to a a specific audience; try looking at professional associations and also local business associations. Tip: advertise with that association first (usual it's in a members' electronic newsletter) to test your target audience, but also get your assistant to find out from the association's advertising or communications staff on speaking opportunities.

Remember that marketing is an art more than a science and for it to work, you'll need to make sure it's done consistently and for a certain period of time. There's so much competition for your prospect's attention that hearing from you only once in a while isn't going to convince them that you are worth working with. So keep you content going -- and keep it fresh, regular, relevant and real.

Can you do it? Yes, and more easily than you think, provided you've established a process for your assistant or intern to follow. 

. . . .