e-Guide on Marketing For Small Law Firms

If you want an e-Guide that is organized, timely and offers real guidance, take a look at my e-Guide.  This guide is fairly dense (30 pages), but detailed in its explanations and solutions. It focuses what you need to know, think about, and plan for. It's also written with implementation in mind. In short, this e-Guide will help you with big-picture thinking (your marketing strategy and priorities) and detail-oriented doing (your campaigns, event or content calendars, and templates for budgeting and tracking of results).  It also includes an annex of resources that lists well-established thought leaders plus leading service providers whose affordable technologies have helped many small businesses grow.

The Guide is written for non-marketers who want to get a handle on effective marketing practices and solutions for small professional services firms.


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Take A Look Inside

Read this excerpt from the e-Guide to get an idea of what it offers