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Website Copy 

I worked with the client on re-writing existing copy and creating new copy for his new website.  He wanted copy that was more succinct in conveying clearly what he did best for his clients. He had his basic website design in place, but also needed help organizing its site navigation layout. 

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The client wanted to start producing newsletters on key issues that would affect his clients' businesses.  The aim was to provide timely and helpful commentary that alerted his clients and prospective clients to changes in legislation that would impact their operational and legal risk management. 

I can do the same for you, plus help you maximize the value of your content by pushing out through your preferred e-mailing service, posting it on your website, and also on social media.  

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The client needed an e-Guide that could be used as a "lead magnet" (i.e. a marketing asset that would help him capture e-mail subscribers).  I provided him with an outline of chapters, and upon his approval, proceeded to research the subject matter for each chapter. I wrote the copy for the entire guide and set it up in PDF format after I laid it out using desktop publishing software. When I built his new website, I integrated this lead magnet with his Mailchimp account to capture names and e-mail addresses of site visitors who downloaded the guide. 

Whiteboard Animation

Video has become the most popular way of engaging audiences.  Whiteboard animation is a highly affordable way to create videos which are informational and convey an idea or story.  It costs less to produce than a live-action video, and can be particularly useful when you need to explain a process or sequence of events (how mediation works). This video (left) took me less than a day to produce.