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Direct Mail

The client wanted a flyer he could mail to a targeted list (small business owners with 10-50 employees). I came up with the idea of a brown bag lunch workshop. I designed the flyer using desktop publishing software and found a reliable and cost-effective printer for the client.  

Direct mail may seem to be a thing of the past, but it can still be a cost effective lead generator -- if what you mail has the potential to get you before a larger audience and not just one person, and to meet that audience on a regular basis. These days, printing costs have come down considerably and bulk mailing via USPS can keep you within your budget.  Read more here about Direct Mail and its uses. 

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Print Ads

Print ads are still a great way to promote your practice, provided they are highly targeted and run on a consistent basis (and with regular updates to keep the ad fresh). In this sample, the client wanted to promote a specific part of his practice (guardianship of children). He required a small but eye-catching ad in an already crowded advertising space. I chose a royalty-free picture with bright colors and an emotive image of children playing, together with copy that focused on the importance and urgency of planning for guardianship. The challenge was getting all the textual and visual information into a space that spanned mere inches. In addition to creating the ad for him, I also managed all communications with the publisher-printer; thereby freeing my client free from having to do anything else beyond approving the final version of his ad.