Why My Clients & I Use Squarespace

I built this website you're on now (www.aptomarketing.com) myself.  Since January 2018, I’ve built 10 sites using Squarespace

Squarespace has been around for more than a decade, and continues to host millions of websites world-wide, empowering small business owners with what they need to manage their website.  I had been using Wordpress for some time prior to becoming an avid fan of Squarespace. I liked my Wordpress website very much -- it was sleek, professional and modern. 

So why the switch?

Example of website built for a client in January 2018.

Example of website built for a client in January 2018.

  • Efficiency is important to me. Squarespace and other WYSIWYG website builders have highly intuitive UIs (user interfaces) and offer a truly effective way of creating websites that look clean, professional and which help us brand ourselves and generate leads. With these lay user-friendly websites, you can do so very quickly, and with no HTML coding knowledge required. I can add content (text, images, video etc.) with ease.

  • Ease of use means DIY. Wordpress does require a bit of a learning curve and is much less intuitive. Even if you get someone to set up the site for you, serious glitches need to be fixed by them (e.g. my former website didn't load because of a problem with a plugin update). Plus you don't have a customer service team that supports you 24/7, which is something you get with Squarespace.

  • Better affordability. The cost of plugins and paying a web developer for what I could achieve on DIY sites such as Squarespace was also a factor in converting me. I also had to pay separately for my site to be hosted when I used Wordpress, which was yet another unnecessary expense.

  • Centralization and ease of integration. I wanted to host my site on a service that freed me from having too many moving parts to attend to (and the vendors to match). I wanted back-ups and updates and security to be taken care of, rather than to have to monitor it constantly and separately. And I didn't want to buy another e-mail automation service and tack that on top of my Wordpress site. Squarespace integrates seamlessly with MailChimp, and as of June 2018, began rolling out its own email marketing functionalities which promise to be just as robust.

  • Responsive Design. Your Squarespace site is automatically configured for mobile viewing (which has overtaken desktops as the top way by which people consume information online). Mobile versions of your website are of the utmost important because Google’s search-bots rank your site based on your mobile version, not the desktop version (as it did before). If your current site is dated and not mobile-friendly, then it’s going to be a major challenge getting it recognized in searches.

  • SEO-friendly. Squarespace has tools to help you with your SEO, without the need for additional plugins. You may still need an SEO expert who can finesse your SEO for higher rankings on search engines (which is more about SEO content development than website tools or hosting choices). But if all you need is to make sure the fundamentals are in place, then Squarespace does just that. What's more, it's easy to integrate your Squarespace website with Google Search Console, which tracks your traffic and search rankings.

  • Useful Analytics. Squarespace tells me how my website is doing - which are the popular pages, where traffic comes from for a particular page (e.g. my Facebook ad), how long visitors stay, what they click on etc.. This helps me decide on tweaks and improvements, and is especially helpful when I am testing a campaign or offer. For example, I can use set up a pop-up to appear on pages that are most viewed, thereby upping my chances that a visitor will see a valuable promotion relating to those pages.

  • Great Security. Squarespace websites come automatically with a SSL certificate, which means that Google and other search engines won't toss you out of their search results for failure to secure your site.

  • Easy Domain Purchase. You can buy your domain (URL) through Squarespace. The purchase price (typically $20) is refundable when you sign up for their annual business plan.

I'm not recommending that every business owner should switch to Squarespace, but if you don't need all the bells and whistles, and the ones you need are available at a more affordable price, are easier to use, and present your brand well, then these WYSIWYG websites are worth considering. What is going to drive your business as a solo or small firm is how much good content you put out on a regular basis. And unless it’s easy to do so, there’s not much point having a website in the first place.

Once your website is up and running, you won't need me to make simple changes for you, such as uploading content or adding calendar events or making announcements. I'll train you and/or staff to use Squarespace, so that you can pretty much make all updates yourself. In the long run, it's less service fees for me, but a cost saving to you.

Last but not least, in addition to setting up your website, I can also create copy content for it (including guides, blog posts and FAQs for your lay audiences and prospects). With just one person building your website, and creating its content, you will be spending much less on fees than if you had two or three consultants working on the disparate parts of your website. You'll also save time and effort coordinating changes and updates among your various consultants. And working with someone who understands your unique value proposition and what drives your brand.

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