Monthly Marketing (starting at $199 per month)

Marketing doesn’t work unless it’s done with consistency and clarity of commitment.

Google and other search engines make it difficult for you to be found if you’re not updating your website regularly with fresh, useful content. If your site is dated, it’s a big gap: it becomes harder to drive traffic to your site organically or through paid search, and referred prospects are unlikely to reach out to you when they visit your site. And if you’re not using digital marketing such as e-mail marketing and social media outreach to promote your business, your website essentially becomes a cost item, instead of generating new business for you. In short, marketing is crucial to all business development for one simple reason:

No one would buy product from you or engage your services if they don’t know you exist, or if they doubt the value of what you have to offer.

You can start small in your monthly marketing, and scale up and out as you go. You may need only a monthly newsletter to be created and pushed out onto your social media platform and existing clients, so that you remain “top-of-mind” as you build awareness of your brand. Or you may need email marketing to further cultivate the leads you have, with a view to converting them to clients. If you require a more tailored package, based on multiple needs that can be a combination of a single-time project (e.g. building a new website or creating a lead-generating e-guide) plus on-going services (e.g. Facebook/Instagram advertising), I can do that too.

Take a look at the options below and feel free to send your questions.