I work with small businesses, with a focus on small law firms.

As a JD who practiced law years ago, I still retain my love of the law. Today, I marry my 17 years of marketing experience with my legal knowledge to provide effective marketing to solo attorneys and other smaller practices. I understand how law firms operate, and the marketing they need to grow their business. My legal background gives me an edge when it comes to researching and writing about the law, and my marketing background enables me to do so for a lay audience that seeks personable and professional attorneys.

What I do for law firms, I also do for other small businesses.

Whether you need a website or social media marketing, or require content to promote your business online and offline, I am likely able to help. All small businesses share similar marketing challenges, be it strategic planning, implementation or limited funding. I can help you achieve clarity in your strategy and completeness in your implementation. I do this through close collaboration with you, whereby I get a clear and deep understanding of your business’ unique strengths,