I tailor and implement a strategic plan of action to your budget, based on your brand’s attributes and your target customers’ characteristics. Think of me as your dedicated marketing manager, who can integrate all facets of your marketing — from building and maintaining your website, writing your blog posts and other marketing content, to managing your email marketing and social media advertising.

If you see a service that you need, let's have a chat about how it would fit into your overall marketing, plus maximize results.

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Website Content 

I develop content that promotes your brand and showcases your expertise online.  I've created newsletters, e-guides and e-mail campaign content for law firms, and am comfortable doing the same for other businesses. I've also created fresh content for new websites, which I build using popular platforms such as Square Space.  My forte is taking complex concepts and distilling them to key essentials for a lay audience. For law firms, I strip content of legalese that intimidates your readers, and present it in a way that your potential clients find accessible and meaningful.  Content that gives you visibility and compels them to reach out and contact you when they need an attorney with your expertise.


New Websites

User-friendly WYSIWYG website-building platforms such as Squarespace allow me to build entire new websites for attorneys and other business owners as well. For people who lack the resources and time to figure out the mechanics of building a website for maximum lead generation, I offer value and timeliness.

What’s more, Apto Marketing is a Squarespace Circle Member.  Circle members receive 20% off Website or Online Store annual plans . This means that when I build your site using Squarespace, this 20% discount is passed on to you (for the annual Business Plan, that's just $14.40 per month for having your Squarespace website). In addition, as a Circle member, my clients' websites are in a free (trial) period for six months, which gives you a lot of time to make changes before you go live.  Non-Circle users' trial period is only two weeks (which means you must buy a Squarespace plan to continue building your site).


Social Media Advertising & Email Marketing

All marketing is tied to digital marketing in some way. You could host a traditional marketing event such as a workshop or a client appreciation event, but unless you're promoting these initiatives online, response rates are likely to be disappointing. Whether it's creating your social media posts for regular publishing, managing your Facebook advertising or putting together your email marketing campaigns, I'll make sure all  your marketing efforts are fully integrated. The objective is to help you build a base of prospects you can continue to cultivate  on a regular and consistent basis. And convert to clients.

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Event Marketing

Marketing has transformed in the last 20 years into something that is largely digital-based. It would be a mistake, however, to think that the traditional forms of marketing are no longer useful. In fact, where professional services are concerned, assessing an adviser's trustworthiness is key for most of us.  Moreover, most people find lawyers intimidating, especially when they find themselves in uncharted territory. Consequently,  live presentations, speaking engagements and community events may sometimes be more effective in putting potential clients right before you.  Other traditional forms of marketing such as direct mail can also work well when done in a highly targeted manner. These traditional forms of marketing work equally well for other small businesses who have a clear idea of who they wish to target.